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    Xini Wang

    Xini Wang

    BA, University of Indiana
    Ed. M, Harvard

    Xini Wang graduated from Indiana University with highest distinction and dual degrees in Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Arts (with two majors of Social Studies Education and Economics, and two minors of Psychology and Geography). During her time at Indiana University, she was actively involved in non-profit organizations. She served as the Chief Training Officer for a NPO organization and a teacher on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona.

    After Indiana, Xini joined Teach for China and served as a teaching fellow in the rural Yunnan Province for two years. Thereafter, Xini continued her education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a focus on Prevention Science and Practice. During her practicum, she worked at a Boston public school as guidance counselor to serve for new immigrant students from different countries. With more than five years of teaching and guiding experiences in China and America, Xini hopes to encourage and guide more students and families to explore their potential, awaken their passion, and achieve their own goals!