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    Student J Gets into Penn!

    Student JUPenn

    Division College

    GPA/Test Score 95.5/1510

    Interests Applied Mathematics

    Student J is a Chinese-American student who was interested in Mathematics, but needed to find a way to stand out among thousands of other applicants with similar interests, backgrounds, and credentials. By working to craft his application strategy with a team of experts, we helped him get accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, Early Decision!

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    Student D Gets into Yale and Stanford with $42,000 for Freshman Year Alone!

    Student DYale, Stanford

    Division College

    GPA/Test Score 4.3 / 2250

    Interests International Relations, Theater, Psychology

    Student D is an international student. By helping Student D craft his college applications from scratch to perfection, we were able to help him get into his dream schools—Yale and Stanford—with $42,000 in financial aid...for freshman year alone!

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    Student A Gets Accepted to UC Berkeley!

    Student AUC Berkeley

    Division College

    GPA/Test Score 4.58

    Interests Medicine

    Student A is a student from Los Angeles who started working with InGenius Prep during the summer before her senior year. She had low standardized test scores; however, with our help, she was accepted to every single school to which she applied, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Davis!

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    Student C Gets Accepted to Tufts!

    Student CTufts - Early Decision

    Division College

    GPA/Test Score 3.48/4.0

    Interests Business, social impact

    Student C signed up for Candidacy Building, an Academic Mentorship, and Application Counseling. He was accepted his dream school, Tufts, Early Decision!

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